15 Awesome Hacks Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

As you can tell by the title, this post features handy hacks and DIYs every dog owner must know. I hope you like these ideas and if you do please comment and follow my blog and pintrest!

  1. DIY dry dog shampoo.                                                              Recipe Via kolchakpuggle.com                                                                                  This hack is super handy if you need to delay your pups bath for a bit or if you just have a stinky dog. All you need is baking soda and essential oils ( optional ). If you choose to have essential oils in it, then simply put a few drops of essential oil per 1/4 cup baking soda. If not, open a box of baking soda. That’s it, unless you want to put it in a separate container. Enjoy!
  2. Tips for fast eaters.                        If your dog is a fast eater, place a tennis ball in his/her bowl so he/she will have to work around it, therefore slowing him/her down.
  3. Dog breath cures.         If your pup has bad breath, place a few leaves of parsley in his kibble. If he won’t eat it, rub some dog toothpaste onto his favorite chew toy and his breath should be better in no time!
  4. Dog hair on carpets and furniture.       If your furry friend gets his fluff all over the place, use a squeegee to remove hair from couches and carpets. Also, to reduce fur being indoors, always brush your dog outdoors where the wind can blow it away. This is also great building material for bird’s nests, so you are helping your feathery friends out too!
  5. Dog food dispenser.       For an easy kibble dispenser, pour the food into a pitcher. That’s it. Viola!
  6. Walk water dispenser. Turn an empty pancake-syrup bottle into a portable squirtable water bottle.                          We all get thirsty during exercise, and your dog is no exception. Solve this by filling up an empty syrup bottle with water and attach a carabiner. You can clip this to your belt, backpack or even leash. Just pour a trickle of water near your dog’s mouth if he is panting hard and he is sure to thank you.
  7. Carabiner tip

A carabiner is a quick and easy way to leash your dog.

Via buzzfeed.com

Always keep a sturdy carabiner at the end of your dog’s leash- you can tie him up just about anywhere you need to.

8.Chicken noodle soup- for dogs! (Minus the noodles)

If you dog has the sniffles, just add some low sodium chicken broth to his drinking water. It has the same effect as a human eating chicken noodle soup.

9. It was a dark and stormy night…

If your pup is scared of thunderstorms, run a dryer sheet through his fur. Most likely, he is afraid of the static electricity in his coat a dryer sheet can fix that problem.

10. Summer time heat

On a hot summer day, fill up an inflatable pool with water and ice.

If you live in a place that gets very hot during the summer time, fill up a kiddie pool with cool water and ice. Your pooch will thank you.

11.DIY car cover.

If your furry friend sheds profusely, you might just want to make a cover for your car and furniture. Just drape a blanket over the area and place a toy in the center of the blanket.

12. Make your dog some refreshing treats.

For some tasty, refreshing dog treats just chop up some apples and put them in ice cube trays and fill them up with water. Place them in the freezer until they’re frozen, then give your furry friend a tasty treat.

13. Learn your dog’s body language.Read your dog's body language.

14. Print this out and use it whenever you go treat or kibble shopping:Print out this guide and bring it with you when dog food/treat shopping.

Thank you for reading this! Here’s this week’s animal fun fact: Dogs can actually sense sadness in humans and will often attempt to cheer them up by cuddling.

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