5 Cheap DIY Turtle Tank Ideas

OK, so far all of my posts have been about dogs, and this time I decided to talk about a slightly more unusual pet- turtles! I own a box turtle and I am always trying to think of ways to make her tank more interesting, and I found a few ideas on Pintrest that I’d like to share with you. (Some of the ideas are my own, of course) This article will feature ideas for both terrestrial and aquatic turtles and most of the ideas should work for other reptiles and even fish too. Also, here is this week’s animal fun fact: In the United States, sitting on a turtle is a third degree felony!

1. DIY rock hides.

These are fairly simple but they might take some time. All you need are some medium and small natural looking decorative rocks, a plastic container or two you don’t use (whatever size you want), hot glue and a hot glue gun, and some fake plants (They are optional but I do not recommend using fake plants because they can be a choking hazard). Just hot glue the rocks and plants onto your container however you want and let your reptile enjoy his hideout.

2. DIY basking platform.


(The basking platform I am giving you instructions on how to make is a mix of the two featured above). To make this basking platform you will need some small-medium natural decorative rocks, sand, soil, hot glue, a hot glue gun, sturdy wire that can support weight, a small plant, and a container with a connected lid or an easy to cut separate container with a lid that is also easy to cut. First, connect the wire in whatever way is most secure according to the size and shape of your container and glue it in place for safety. Next, hot glue the rocks onto the lid in a rock-wall like way to make it easy for your turtle to climb up. If your lid is not attached to the container, poke small holes into the lid and container in the same places and thread a plastic tie into each of the holes, lining the the holes up so as to attach them, then cut off the excess plastic tie. Fill the container up most of the way with sand and and if you have a plant the carefully plant it in your soil.  Place a few rocks in the sand for decor. Now bend the tips of the wire and hook it over your tank, letting the lid  ‘ramp’ dip a few inches into the water. There you go!

3.DIY tank wipes.

DIY Reptile Cage Wipes - petdiys.com:

These are really simple- all you will need is an old baby wipes box or a Ziploc bag, some half paper towels (or full paper towels torn in half), white vinegar, and a bit of water. Simply fold the paper towels into the box or bag, dilute the vinegar with a bit of water, pour the solution into the box or bag and let it sit for a few minutes.  Then, drain out the excess solution. Done!

4. Turtle pools.

Turtle home- OH. MY. GWAD! This is perfect! I recommend this to ever single mice - rat pet owner!! Make a little forest for them to explore! And if you can put differnt plant/fake plant in every week for them to explore new stuff!!!:

A really simple turtle pool you can make is a waterproof container and a filter, or you can just change the water every day. Place a few rocks in the pool that reach the surface of the water so your pet can take a break from swimming if it needs to.

5.Pot hides.My sis, Jen, should do this for her turtles:

This idea is really simple- all you need is a pot. Just place your pot in the tank and fill in the middle with your surrounding dirt or substrate and you have a perfect hideout.

Thanks so much for reading this! Make sure to follow me and like this if you enjoyed my ideas! If you would like more ideas, please check out my pintrest account.

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