How to Make An Easy DIY Cat Hammock

So far I haven’t posted anything for our furry cat friends, so here is a super simple DIY cat hammock your pet is sure to love! If you liked this idea please follow my website and like this post! Also, here’s my fun fact of the week: Cats have 32 muscles in each ear.

SnoozePal™ Cat Hammock


This DIY is perfect if you don’t have much space because you can put a little cat hammock pretty much anywhere-under the chair, under the coffee table, and even attached to the wall if you are careful. For the one above you will need a cardboard box with a lid, some fabric, and scissors. First, take the lid off. Cut holes in the box and cut your fabric of choice in a rectangle, the length and width according to the size of your cat and box. Leave some excess fabric at each of the corners, strips that are about 2 1/2 inches thick and 5 inches long.  Next, cut slits in each of the four corners of the box, one in each of the corners, and one about an inch from the bend. Thread the strip of cloth into the slit in the corner and thread it back into the other slit. Then, tie them together. Do this for each of the corners and there you have it! You can further accessorize with toys and duct tape if you want.

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