15 Super Simple DIY Bird Feeders

Since I haven’t written anything on our feathery friends yet I decided to write this post on some fun bird feeders that you can make using objects around the house. And as for this week’s fun fact… Did you know that the largest bird ever discovered had a wingspan of 7 meters?

1.Toilet paper tube bird feeders.

Idea via me 😉

This bird feeder is very simple. All you will need is a few small, fairly sturdy sticks or pencils, a toilet paper tube, your birdseed or popcorn, scissors, peanut butter (or lard if you are allergic), a plate, and some string. First, cut four holes the size of your pencil or twig in the cardboard tube across from each other like in the image above. Then, cut two small holes into the other end of the tube. Next, take your cardboard tube and coat it with peanut butter with a butter knife/spreader or your fingers. Pour a fairly generous amount of bird seed onto the plate, then roll the tube around to coat the tube. Poke the twigs or pencils into the holes you made and thread the string through the holes in the top. There you go!

2. Toilet paper tube bird feeders #2

This is the same concept as feeder #1, but without the perch.

3. Orange birdseed holders.

Idea via buzz16.com

To make this feeder you will need an orange, scissors, yarn, and birdseed. Take the orange and cut it in half, then remove the insides and eat them. Or you can leave some of the orange in there if you would like to attract fruit eating birds. Grab your scissors and cut a small slit about 1/2 an inch from the rim of the orange rind to avoid tearing. Thread your string through the slits and fill the empty orange with birdseed. Attach to a tree branch or a bush. Enjoy these colorful feeders because I know the birds will!

4. Chenille wire and cereal feeders.

Idea via me

I love this idea because it is super simple, unique to you, and is an opportunity to get rid of that nasty cereal in the cabinet. All you will need is chenille wire (or string) and cereal. String your cereal onto the chenille wire and shape it however you want to. Twist both ends together and hang it wherever you want to.

5. Can bird feeders.

Via buzz16.com

This bird feeder is really cute painted and vintage not painted, so it is just a win-win! You will need a few paint or food cans, glue, a few ribbons around 2 1/2 feet long, your bird food, and a few chopsticks or pencils. If you choose to paint your feeder, do it now. Paint the perches also (the chopsticks and pencils). Next, superglue or hot glue the perch to the inside of the can and fill it with bird food.

6. Peanut butter container feeder.

Via buzz16.com

All you need to make this is a pencil, scissors, yarn, and an empty plastic peanut butter jar. First, cut a small slit near the bottom of the jar and poke the pencil through it. Next, loop some yarn around the mouth of the jar an under the lid if you can. Tie to secure it. Then, cut a fairly small hole in the middle of the jar. Fill it with bird seed and you’re done!

7. The slinkie.

All you will need to make this bird feeder is a slinkie, some whole peanuts, wire pliers, and a wire coat hanger. Take your coat hanger and bend it into you desired shape with pliers. Then, untwist the wire at the top of the hanger and thread the slinkie through. Now, re-twist the hanger and pour the peanuts in. You can use the hanger’s hook to hang the feeder wherever you want.

8. The egg carton.

All you will need for this feeder is some string, scissors, and an egg carton.  Cut the top off of your egg carton and poke holes in each of the corners. Thread the string through each of the holes, then loop the string around each of the corners and knot the string together (this part is not like the picture). Next, hang up the feeder wherever you want, then fill the holes with bird food.

9. Milk carton feeder.

This feeder is probably the simplest- all you need to make it is a milk carton, your bird food, string, and scissors. Cut a rectangle into the side of the milk carton and fold the flap into a perch. Cut your desired amount of string and tie it to the handle of the milk carton and the tree. Fill it up with your bird seed and there you go!

10. Plate feeder.

To make this feeder you will need a paper plate, scissors, and four pieces of string about two feet long. First, poke a small hole into each of the four corners of the plate and thread your four pieces of string into the holes. Loop the string around the corner and tie it to the string on the other end. Then, tie the feeder to whatever tree you want it on and fill it with bird seed. Weird tip: sprinkle some pepper into the mix to keep the squirrels away.

The following designs for DIY bird seeders do not have instructions but you could probably guess how to make them. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading this! If you would like more ideas please check out my Pintrest!

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