How to Train Your Cat To Go in the Toilet

I came across this idea via pintrest and it’s absolutely brilliant. If you’re tired of cleaning up after your cat and scooping litter, then this is a must-do!

Training you cat to go in the toilet is actually very simple- All you need to do is place an  aluminum pan in between the toilet and toilet seat and fill it with flushable litter. Your cat should get the hint, and when he does, cut a hole in the center of the pan. Over the span of 2 weeks, keep cutting bigger holes until the pan isn’t needed. That’s it!

Thanks for reading this and if you enjoyed it please like and follow my blog and pintrest. As for this week’s fun fact: If a cat is scared his hair stands up fairly evenly along his body, but if he is threatening, it only stands up in a band along his spine.

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