22 Great Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

  1. Giant Schnauzer         This breed is perfect for a watchdog and has minimal shedding.

2. Bichon FriseBichon Frise

These dogs are very sweet if trained properly and make extraordinary lap dogs.

3. Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

These little guys are known for having a genial personality and and very small.

4. Bedlington terrierbedlington terrier

Via petbreeds.com

These pooches resemble lambs and have a high maintenance coat.

5. Dandie Dinmont Terrierdandie dinmont terrier

Via petbreeds.com

These little pups do not shed and are hypoallergentic.

6. Irish Water Dog

Irish Water Spaniel

Via petbreeds.com

This easy to train, lovable dog has a water repellent coat and are easy to bathe without much shedding.

7. Lakeland terrier

Via petbreeds.com

These adorable terriers were originally bred to keep foxes from sheep. They have a gorgeous wiry coat.

8. Norfolk Terriers

These adorable guys shed minimally and have a weather resistant coat.

9. Irish terrier

These guys make excellent family dogs but require lots of grooming.

10. Norwich Terriers

These pooches are not only cute and sociable but also hardly shed.

11. Afghan Hound

These beautiful hounds shed moderately but are still considered hypoallergenic.

12. (wire) Fox Terrier

These dogs require high coat maintenance and may require a professional groomer to maintain.

13. Basenji

These graceful, agile dogs are difficult to train but require very little coat maintenance.

13. Border Terrier

These little pups love to snuggle and are hypoallergenic.

14. Chinese Crested

These dogs are popular for small homes and apartments because they are usually very tiny.

15. Italian Greyhounds

These dogs are hypoallergenic, loyal, and affectionate.

16. Carin Terrier

Via petbreeds.com

These terriers have rough, hypoallergenic coats and are fairly famous because of Toto from The Wizzard of Oz.

17. Samoyed

These gorgeous dogs enjoy colder climates and shed a lot.

18. Scottish Terrier (Scottie)

These adorable pups have wiry, weather resistant coats.

19. Airedale Terriers

These quick learning dogs have served in the white house and the military.

20. West Highland Terrier (Westie)

These little guys resemble scotties ( except for the fact they’re white ) and make excellent family dogs.

21. Shih TzuShih Tzu

These lap dogs have long, silky coats and can live up to 20 years old.

22. Poodle

These pups are sweet and very popular.








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