5 Bird Room Designs

This week I am going to zone in on a very addictive craft-a bird room! I unfortunately don’t have enough room for my own bird room, but you can apply similar ideas to a cage. Also, this week’s fun fact- humming birds have such a high metabolism that they are always hours away from starving to death. Kinda morbid, right?

  1. Ropes galore!

Indoor bird rooms are essential to your pet bird care routine.

This design looks so cool and I love the idea of having the netting on the ceiling and draping over the window- it looks really neat. You could probably make this with some decorative fish nets or a parrot climbing net.

2. Cat scratcher post jungle.

DIY pet bird room design ideas to keep your pet parrot entertained and out of trouble.

I love all of the excitement going on in this room but I would suggest having the toys at varied heights. I love the creativity; especially in turning the cat scratching tree into a bird haven!

3.PVC pipe perch paradise. (yes, that took a while to think up

Climbing toy made of PVC and fleece to cover the PVC:

Honestly, this is just brilliant. I would cover the PVC pipes in rope or something though because it might be difficult for your feathery friend to perch on with the fabric. Or you could just glue the fabric in place.

4.Homemade find the treat toy.

This looks really simple- just get some chenille wire, beads, and paper muffin cups and string them together.

5.The tent palace.


Wow, super fun pace to hang out with birdie!:

Just get a small tent, place some newspaper at the bottom, and hand up some toys inside. Tada!

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