A Few Things to Know Before Buying a Parakeet

First of all, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting lately! Today I will be continuing the animal awareness series, and if you already have parakeets this is still relevant!

1.  DO NOT BUY THEM FOR YOUR KIDS UNLESS THEY HAVE PROVEN THEMSELVES RESPONSIBLE WITH AN ANIMAL. I cannot stress this enough- if you are going to let your child have any pet, please make sure they have researched diet, living conditions, sicknesses, basically everything you would need to know for keeping any living being a living being. However, if your child or teenager has proven themselves capable, please don’t withhold from them the joy of a pet.

2.   If you don’t have at least two hours a day to spend with your bird, please buy another bird. It is not much more expensive, but will greatly increase your bird’s quality of life. Also, provide plenty of toys for mental stimulation, and you may want to teach your bird tricks to keep him entertained too. If you are going to purchase your birds in a pair, please make sure you buy them of the same gender.

3.   When in doubt, buy a bigger cage. One of the most common mistakes inexperienced bird owners make is buying a cage that is too small. The bare minimum for a single parakeet is 20 inches long, 18 inches deep and 18 inches long. A pair needs 30 inches long, with the same depth and height. Also, parakeets should be given the chance to fly around in a safe room at least every other day.

4.   They can’t just live on seeds. Parakeets should be offered fruits and veggies often, and pellets are generally preferred to seeds nutrient wise, but don’t worry about that too much if your bird refuses pellets. Also, millet spray should be offered as a treat no more than once a week, definitely not a staple in their diet.

5.   Parakeets need fresh, dechlorinated water available at all times. They do get dehydrated if clean water is not provided.

6.   They need to be sprayed with dechlorinated water often, or provided with a bird bath.

7.   How to tell if your bird is healthy:

-Good appetite, eats in the mornings


-Talons not crusty or malformed

-Cere (fleshy part above beak) is clean and waxy looking

-Firm beak with no cracks

-Droppings should be firm and harden quickly

-Vent area should be clean and birds preen often

8. DO NOT KEEP THEM IN YOUR KITCHEN. Parakeets are very sensitive to chemicals, smoke, and even some cooking sprays and coatings used on pans.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please like and comment if you want more posts on animal care and awareness!

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