Reptile DIYs and Hacks

  1. If you have a screen lid and your pet enjoys a humid environment, I recommend placing a damp towel over the lid. This will keep humidity in extremely well, just make sure to wash the towel every once and a while or it might stink.
  2. This isn’t necessarily a hack, but since this is a reptile post I felt like this needed to be said. ALWAYS wash your hands IMMEDIATELY after handling your animal. There are many diseases that can be transmitted to not only you, but any other pets you may handle afterwards. I cannot stress this enough, and if children are handling animals this is especially important.
  3. DIY reptile hammock:

Take an old cloth or cut-up T-shirt and cut it into a triangle shape. The size of the hammock will depend on the size of you reptile. Cut slits into each of the corners and attach suction cups with zip ties or use the hooks that are attached to the cups. Place it in your tank and there you go!

4. Dollar store plants. Oftentimes the dollar store has excellent plants and vines available for much less money than the usual fancy ones made specifically for reptiles, so simply attach them to suction cups with zip ties or string and you’re all set!

5. We all know that the fancy cleaner for reptiles costs too much, and plain ol’ water just doesn’t do the trick. Behold, DIY reptile tank cleaner:

  • vinegar
  • water
  • spray bottle

Just mix 1 part water with one part vinegar and you’re good to go!

6. Use deli cups for food and water bowls. This is so easy because you can just buy a sleeve and it will last you forever! If you don’t want to constantly clean out their food and water bowls, problem solved! Just throw the cup away! And if it skids around too much, find a PVC pipe that fits the size.

7. Use styrofoam meat trays as hides for smaller reptiles. If you have a bunch of reptiles and you don’t want to spend all your money on hides, just buy a pack of these! You can cut them in half to make two hides, and that way when they get dirty you can just throw them away!

8. Bricks and ceramic tiles make wonderful basking spots. They retain heat well, but not too much to be dangerous. Also, they’re super cheap!

9. Use plastic containers with lids as wet hides. Just fill them with wet moss or paper towels, cut a hole in the side, and line the hole with duct tape or something so your reptile isn’t cut.

10. DIY terrarium humidifier:

11. Use cardboard tubes as reptile hides. Simply cut a portion of the cardboard out of one side and lay it down. Simple as that!

That’s it for this post, thank you so much for reading! Please like and comment which was your favorite idea!

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