18 Things to Know Before Buying a Dog

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this post about dogs! I know dogs are very common pets, but unfortunately some owners don’t research beforehand because they don’t realize all the time and money your furry friend needs. Hopefully this post will help you understand all the effort required to own a dog, and please don’t discount my research just because I don’t own a dog myself. Without further ado, I present 18 things to know before buying a dog.

  1. They are EXPENSIVE! According to the ASPCA, the annual cost of care for a small dog is $420, a medium sized dog $620, and a large dog $780.
  2. Training a puppy takes a large amount of time, treats, and most of all patience. However, you can adopt an adult dog at your local shelter. Adopting saves a life, is often cheaper, and many shelter dogs are already trained. Often the only reason dogs are sent to shelters is because their owners moved, got old, or were in over their heads due to lack of research.
  3. ALWAYS get your dog spayed or neutered. Dogs who undergo this procedure usually live longer and healthier lives.
  4. With any animal, you should make sure you have all the necessary supplies before you bring your pet home. This holds true with dogs also. ( That means a healthy and nutritionally sound diet, food and water bowls, a crate, toys, etc. )
  5. Get an identification tag or microchip for them.
  6. Dogs need their teeth brushed too! Just NEVER use human toothpaste. There are countless canine toothpastes available for your furry friend.
  7. Puppy-proof your home before bringing him or her home. This includes plants! Always check if a plant is dog safe before bringing it home!
  8. Your pup needs vaccinations and various medical treatments to keep him healthy, so please make sure you know which ones you need before you even look for a dog.
  9. If you don’t have the time for at least 30 minutes of exercise with your dog per day, don’t get a dog.
  10. Beware of chemicals that could be dangerous to your dog, and ALWAYS keep them out of reach.
  11. After spending time outdoors, check your dog for ticks and such.
  12. Every breed has different grooming needs. Learn them.
  13. Get your puppy used to being touched everywhere- it will save you time in the future. This means face, feet, tail, everywhere!
  14. Your dog needs his nails trimmed too! His claws should almost touch the floor. If they are clicking or snagging on anything, it’s time for a trim.
  15. Protect the paws! In cold months, be careful of rock salt and ice melters. In the hot summer days, if you can’t keep your hand on the pavement for more than 15 seconds, consider walking your dog in the grass or later in the day.
  16. Regularly check your pup’s ears for parasites and infection, and wash them after ever bath. During their baths, keep cotton balls in their ears to prevent water from getting inside.
  17. Leave your dog indoors during hot days, or offer a kiddie pool for them to splash around in.
  18. If you are allergic to dogs, never fear! Check out my post on hypoallergenic dogs:


I hope you enjoyed this post! If so, please like and comment on what you would like me to post about next. Thank you for reading this!

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