DIY Projects For Your Aquarium

Welcome to the official end of the saltwater tank series! But don’t worry if you have a freshwater tank- I will have do-it-yourself crafts that work for both freshwater and saltwater. If you enjoy saving money and hands-on crafts, please like this post! Without further ado, I present DIY Projects For Your Aquarium!


1. DIY Aquarium Stand:

To see a video on how to build an aquarium stand, click here.

2. DIY Aquarium Decorations:


One of the easiest aquarium hideouts you can make is a clay pot. Just make sure to wash it really well before placing it, and if you break it don’t leave sharp edges. If you want more variety, check out the next easy hide!


If you want to to a PVC pipe maze or just a simple elbow joint- it’s completely up to you! Just buy a few pieces at you local home goods store and use your creativity! You can even paint the pipes if you want to, just make sure the paint is fish safe. If clay pots and PVC pipes aren’t really your aesthetic, keep scrolling for more cool ideas.


If you’re going for a more natural look, DIY rock hides are the way to go! Just take a plastic container and cut it to the shape you want the hide to be, and secure rocks with silicone or hot glue. If you don’t like the shape, just stack a few rocks, glue it, let it dry, stack a few more, etc. until you get a cave.


Finally a use for all those legos laying around! This fun project is great for giving personality to your tank. Just secure the legos with silicone or hot glue to make sure water and gunk doesn’t get in. Also, please DO NOT use this decor idea in a tank with a long-finned fish, because this could tear their fins. I will warn you that this may be hard to clean, but if you’re up to the challenge you will have a blast looking at your underwater lego world.


This unique decoration can be lots of things- you can have an air pocket inside to spice things up, leave it full for your fish to swim around inside, you can have plants inside, the only limit is your imagination!


3. Aquarium Modifications.


If your home is too classy and cool for a regular fish tank, this project is for you! I found this picture and thought it was too cool not to share, but unfortunately could not find instructions. You can attempt this project however you want to, but I would try spray painting picture frames and attaching them with silicone or something. Just try to keep your water changes neat!

  • In-wall aquariums. To see a video on how to install an in wall aquarium, click here.


That’s it for this post! Thanks for reading, please like and comment below!

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