How To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

This week I have been dog-sitting a delightful chihuahua named Rolo, and I thought I would write this post in his honor. I apologize for not writing lately, but I’ve been pretty busy. I hope you enjoy this post!

  1. Give him lots of exercise and attention. Your furry friend is part of your family, so you have to meet his activity needs. If you don’t want to walk him, at least provide a safe, fenced in area for him to play in.
  2. Provide lots of toys. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A PUPPY. This helps them learn how to use their teeth and keep them strong, and prevents him from chewing other things.
  3. Feed them a good quality food. I mean, this is the stuff they’re eating every day, so make sure it is good for them! Here is a list of healthy, high quality foods.
  4. Pick up their poop. This is just common courtesy, and it’s what everyone should do. You can reuse grocery bags, or buy a roll of doggie waste bags at the dollar store.
  5. Keep your dog on a leash outdoors, or train him to stay only in your yard. This way if he gets attacked or is aggressive you can interfere, you can pick up their waste, and any non-dog loving neighbors will be happier.
  6. Remove and poisonous plants from your yard or make sure your dog can’t reach them. Here is a list of poisonous plants.
  7. Keep dangerous cleaners and chemicals out of your dog’s reach.
  8. Crate your dog when you aren’t at home. This is optional, but if your dog has separation anxiety or is destructive without entertainment this is a wise move. When introducing him to the crate make it welcoming and provide lots of treats when he goes inside.
  9. Teach him to “come”. This can be life-saving! You never know when your dog will unknowingly get into a dangerous situation, so teaching this is absolutely necessary.
  10. Always provide fresh, clean water. This is pretty obvious, but completely essential. If you live in a hot place, always provide shade when leaving him outside.
  11. Test the pavement before walking. If you are walking in the heat of day, hot pavement can damage their paw pads. To test the temperature, place your hand on the pavement. If you can’t hold it there for 15 seconds, it’s too hot.

Thank you for reading this! Please like and comment below!

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