How to Make a Reptile Water Dripper

If you have a humidity-loving reptile, you’re sure to love this product! I made this for my crested gecko because she needs her water from leaves instead of a water dish, but you can make this for a variety of different animals. You will need:

  • An air control valve (optional)
  • A gallon jug or another easily punctured container
  • Airline tubing for aquariums
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and a hot glue gun

First, you need to poke a hole in your gallon jug using scissors. If you are using an air control valve, stick one end of the valve in the hole and hot glue it in place. If you aren’t using a valve, cut your preferred length of airline tubing and glue one end of the tubing in the hole. Once the glue has hardened, attach the tubing to the other opening in the valve (if you are using one). If you are not using a valve, tie a knot in the tubing. Then, you fill the jug with water. Adjust the tightness of the knot until you have your preferred flow, or use the valve to adjust the flow. Arrange the tubing until you are satisfied with the placement and enjoy!

If you are more of a visual learner, check out this video:

I hope you liked this post! Comment below if you tried this out.

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