Easy Hummingbird Sugar Water Recipe

Fall is approaching soon, and you know what that means! The birds are about to migrate. This post is the beginning of a series for helping our wild feathery friends as they journey south, and I hope you have a blast watching hummingbirds fly around your yard.

This recipe is super simple, all you need is sugar and water. Dissolve 1/4 cup sugar into 1 cup of water, let it cool, and fill your feeder. Yep, that’s it! If you are planning on making some for storage, make sure the water comes to a boil and you refrigerate the solution afterwards. Please DO NOT add any coloring or substitutes, this easy recipe really will do the trick.

Bonus: A few tips to keep critters out of your feeder…

  1. To prevent ants from getting in your feeder apply Vaseline to the post or hanger the feeder is on.
  2. To keep wasps from getting stuck in your feeder, insert a q-tip into one of your feeder openings and they will drink from that instead.
  3. Attach an ant moat. These things are really cool, and they do the job too!
  4. Hang your feeder with fishing line. Fishing line is too small for ants to climb, so they won’t be able to access your feeder.
  5. Move the feeders often. As long as you only move the feeder a few feet at a time, the birds won’t miss it but the insects will.

Thanks for reading! Please comment if you have any birds visit your feeder and like below!

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