DIY Bird Houses

Welcome back to part three of this series! Now that you know how to attract birds, it’s time to keep them in your yard. Please like this post if you like these ideas.

1. Laundry detergent bird houses:

I know pretty much everyone made these as a kid, but hey sometimes they work! These super simple DIY houses only require empty laundry detergent bottles and scissors. Just cut a hole into the side of the bottle and secure the bottle in a tree. Make sure the edges of the hole aren’t too jagged, though! If you want to go the extra mile, stick a pencil below the opening for a perch.(also sorry, the image above is actually a feeder and not a house but you get the idea)

2. The bird shaped bird house:

Find the instructions to make this creative bird house here Here.

3. The plant roof birdhouse:

This cute birdhouse is a win-win for nature lovers! If you’d like to build it, click here for the instructions.

4. License plate bird house:

I absolutely love how this one looks! If you’re changing plates or if you’ve saved ones from the past and don’t know what to do with them, try this fun project.

5. Planter/ Birdhouse combo:

This is another perfect project for nature lovers! For instructions to this cute craft, click here.

6. Peanut butter jar birdhouse:

I love the idea of taking something that would pollute the environment and turning it into something that helps it, and if you do too you should make this! If you’re interested, check it out!

7. Milk jug birdhouse:

Instead of tossing your jug in the recycling bin, try recycling it yourself! See the tutorial here.

8. Gourd bird houses:

You can go with the natural look or painted, but either way the birds will love it! Click here for the instructions.

9. Log cabin bird houses

Make the cabin of your dreams… the small version. See the instructions for this cozy retreat here.

10. $1 Modern Birdhouse:

This is a fun, easy project birds are sure to love! Click here for the tutorial.

11. The House Sparrow Hotel:


This roomy birdhouse can actually house up to three breeding pairs! See the the tutorial here.

12. Modern Birdhouse:


This fancy birdhouse will look great in your yard, and the birds will love it too! Check it out here.

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