The Basics of Bird Feeders

Welcome to the last post of my series! I hope you’ve used these tips to help birds as they migrate, but you may be wondering what kinds of foods and feeders attract various kinds of birds. If that’s the case, this is exactly what you need! Please comment below if you find this helpful!

For woodpeckers:

If you want to attract woodpeckers, they absolutely love suet! Suet comes in three basic shapes: cakes, balls, and plugs. These three forms are displayed in the picture below.suet feeders for woodpeckers

To use cakes, you can use a variety of feeders. One of the cheapest is a cake basket, as seen here:

Image result for suet cake basket

If you want to go the extra mile, you can purchase a double-suet feeder. These are also great for testing out which suet cakes the woodpeckers prefer if you like experimenting with different flavors.the best woodpecker feeders - suet feeders

For suet plugs, you use a plug feeder. If you prefer a more natural look, then these feeders are perfect for you! Simply insert a suet plug into each hole and you’re good to go!

suet plug feeders for woodpeckers

Now finally for suet balls. If you are using small balls, then purchase a feeder like this:

Image result for suet nugget feeders

If you prefer large suet balls, there are all sorts of feeders you can use. Typically, feeders look something like this:

Image result for suet ball feeders\

or this:

Image result for suet ball feeders

For ground feeding birds:

If you want to attract ground-feeding birds like thrashers, starlings, doves, sparrows, etc. then consider these feeders:

  • Low platforms or tray feeders with short legs.
  • An old birdbath basin, large pot saucer, pie tin or similar shallow dish placed directly on the ground. You can also use old dishes, and this is a great use for cracked plates that would ordinarily be thrown out.
  • A sunflower head placed on the ground

If you would like some more information about attracting ground feeders, check out this post by the

For shrub and treetop-dwelling birds:

The best feeders for these kinds of birds are either hopper feeders or tube feeders. Hopper feeders come in many different colors and designs, but generally stick to the same barn-like shape:

Image result for hopper feeders

As for tube feeders, they also are used for carrying seed. These hanging feeders are perfect for hanging in trees, but beware of squirrels raiding your feeder! Tube feeders with perches and ports made of metal are preferable due to their durability. Tube feeders are pretty basic in appearance, but they get the job done!

Image result for tube feeders

To know what to fill these feeders with, check out the chart below:image-4.jpg

Fruit feeders:

If you want to attract orioles, bluebirds, house finches, and a wide range of other birds, use fruit feeders! These aren’t generally what you think of when someone talks about bird feeders, but they definitely do the trick! Fruit feeders come in all different shapes and sizes, but as long as it will hold fruit it should work.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Come back next week for the start of my new series!

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