My New Series- The Ocean

Welcome to the start of my new series! Over the next few weeks I’ll talk about the best movies and TV shows to watch to learn about the ocean, how plastics affect the food chain and environment, my lastest trip to the beach, how you can help the environment, and more. (Not necessarily in that order) In this post I’ll talk about the best things to watch if you’re interested in learning about marine life.

The first movie I recommended is A Plastic Ocean (on Netflix). In this fascinating documentary, Jo Ruxton searched the ocean to find the so-called great pacific garbage patch and asses its damage. When she found out the ocean was actually full of billions of tiny mircoplastics, and not one large plastic mass that could be contained, Jo knew she had to spread the word. Therefore, the film A Plastic Ocean was born. They are currently trying to find better ways to deal with plastic waste, and they are also hoping to provide better alternatives to deadly plastic.


If you would like to donate to their noble endeavor, click here.


Also on Netflix, I recommend  A Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans. This intriguing series is full of beautiful footage and information. In this series you will learn more about the food chain, various defense mechanisms of marine animals, unique hunting methods, and so much more!

Image result for the blue planet a natural history of oceans

The movie Blackfish sheds light on the horrifying conditions killer whales are facing in captivity. This documentary follows the trail of deaths and injuries inflicted on trainers by killer whales, and the reason why these whales are driven to violence. I found this film on Netflix, and I highly recommend watching it. These animals are still being driven to madness in appalling environments they’re forced to live in nearly their entire lives. They are often taken from the wild at a young age, separated from their pods and cramped with other whales they usually don’t get along with. I strongly urge you to watch this, and shed light on this revolting show.

Image result for blackfish netflix show

The movie The Cove on amazon prime shows past dolphin trainer Rick O’Berry, and filmmaker Louis Psihoyos as they join with the Ocean Preservation Society to stop dolphin slaughter. In Taji, Japan, the local fisherman corral dolphins into a cove using sounds, then fence the cove off with netting. Then, they either sell the young dolphins to be used in shows or they violently massacre them while trapped in the corral. This brutal truth finally comes to the light with the brave efforts of this team, and I definitely suggest watching it. I will warn you though, there is a bit of profanity and lots of violence, so I would not recommend it to younger audiences.

Thanks for reading this post! I’m sure these will keep you entertained for quite a while! Come back next week for more on this series, and comment below if you watched any of the above media.

Update: I have watched more fantastic documentaries about the ocean since I posted this, so come back later for a part two of this post!

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