You’re Eating Plastic!

Welcome to the last post of this series! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the ocean and are more cautious about how you let yourself impact the environment. Remember to subscribe to my email list and comment what your favorite post of this series has been!

Ok, so if you’ve kept up with this series you know how plastic kills marine life, but what’s the downside for us? Let me break it down for you. When plastic ends up in the ocean, the currents sometimes cause these mass amounts of plastic to clump together, which forms massive islands. The Sea Education Society estimates that there are 580,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometer in these islands. So, as you can see this is a serious problem. However, plastic oftentimes simply breaks up into tiny pieces called micro plastics, which small fish eat. The bigger fish eat those fish, and the cycle keeps going until every animal in the ocean is  touched by this plastic plague. Around the globe, an estimated 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles perish due to being entangled in and eating plastic.

Back to people now. Before Styrofoam ends up in the ocean, it absorbs dangerous chemicals toxic to marine life and humans. As for plastic, it usually contains lead, mercury, and cadmium. This obviously puts our health at risk, because these chemicals get inside of us when we eat sea food. To learn more about this, visit Even if the plastic doesn’t end up in the ocean, it still creates problems.  Another dangerous plastic is BPA, which is used in water bottles, food packaging, and many other things. When the BPA is broken down, the toxic chemicals can enter our bodies.

The most obvious way to avoid these problems is to stop eating sea food and stop using plastic. However, we should always keep others in mind and be responsible for our own trash as well as the detritus of others. When you have the opportunity, don’t buy things packaged in plastic. Always recycle plastic when you use it, and bring your own bag to the store. Last but not least, NEVER litter and do your best to pick up trash and dispose of it when you see it. These things really do make a difference, and we all need to do our part if our oceans have a chance of surviving.

As a bonus to this post, I recently had an English assignment to write a quatrain, so of course I chose to write about what I’m passionate about. Enjoy!

Once healthy now bleached 

Our negligence has reached 

The depths are now polluted 

What was magnificence is diluted 

Thanks for reading! To see the article I gathered information from, click here.

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