Conservation Organizations You Should Support

This week I’ll take a break from my SCUBA series to promote a few organizations. If you’re interested in participating in Giving Tuesday, this post is perfect for you!

-Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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The Cornell Lab is dedicated to preserving birds and other wildlife. They are committed to learning about the animals we share this planet with, and “using this knowledge to protect our planet.”  Click here to chip in to their mission.

-Plastic Oceans Foundation

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Their vision is to end plastic pollution, especially in our oceans. As written on their website, their mission is to “Inform on the topic of plastic pollution. Inspire people to care about the issue and desire to be part of the solution. Incite action on real solutions that will shift the global reliance on plastic.” If you would like to donate to this honorable cause, click here.

-Orca Research Trust

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Recently I watched Ingrid Visser, the only specialist of New Zealand’s orca, in her documentary “Swimming with Orca”. I absolutely loved it and would recommend watching it. Her love for orcas is amazing, and her campaign to help save them from pollution and captivity is inspiring. If you’re interested in contributing to her research, click here. If you’d like to help her in her efforts to free killer whales from captivity, click here.

-The Sato Project

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     Christina Beckles has been running the Sato project for over 10 years. She rescues feral dogs that were dumped out by their owners onto what is now known as dead dog island. The locals call these unfortunate dogs Satos, meaning street dog. These canines are the result of few spaying and neutering services on the island, and as puppies they are abandoned on the southeast region of the island Playa Lucia. Beckles ships these dogs off to either JFK or Newark where they will find good forever homes.

-Chasing Coral

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This team documented the horrible process of coral bleaching. This documentary team labored hard to compile evidence of the effects of pollution and global warming, and I highly recommend watching this movie on Netflix. If you aren’t sure exactly what coral bleaching is, click here to see my previous post on this subject. Donate to their mission here.

-The Nature Conservancy

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If you just can’t decide where on earth to start, The Nature Conservancy basically covers everything.  From climate change to building healthy cities, this corporation is all about our planet. Click here to support them.

Thanks for reading! Even if you can’t donate, there are many other ways to make a positive impact. You can volunteer, spread awareness, reduce your own impact on the environment, and encourage others to stop deadly pollution. Please like this and share with your friends!

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