SCUBA Gear: What to Buy and What not to Buy

Welcome to the last post of my SCUBA series! So far I’ve discussed the history of SCUBA (here), the basics of SCUBA diving (here), and the best diving spots (here). I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and make sure to continue visiting because I know I’ll revisit this subject again someday. I must admit although I’ve never tested any of these products myself, this gear comes highly recommended.


A good mask is fairly affordable, packable, and will greatly improve your dive experience. The mask you purchase will depend on where you dive, mainly a question of how much light you want let in. Here are a few masks that come recommended:

Oceanic Mini Shadow:

This mask allows for maximum amounts of light to some in, and has excellent visibility.  If you’re interested in buying it, click here.

Cressi Eyes Evolution Crystal Mask:

This mask is ideal for those with small faces, and gives an excellent seal. Since it’s clear, vision is not obstructed in any way. If you’re interested in buying it, click here.

XS Scuba Crew Mask (Black Silicone)

This mask is made to block out more light than a clear-skirted mask, but the seal won’t get yellow. Reviews say it has a “great fit.” Click here to buy.


Good fins are generally around $30-200, and they must be tested in person to ensure a good fit. There are two types of fins- open-heeled and full-foot. To these basic structures there are many variations, and since fins are so vital to locomotion underwater it is essential to research them yourself. Click on this article by to get started. If you’d like a few examples of affordable, yet high-quality fins, continue scrolling. (information from Amanda Zeisset of

Aqua Lung Stratos 3 Full Foot Fins:

I realize the title is slightly confusing, but just to clarify they are full foot fins in the Stratos 3 model; not 3 foot long fins. According to reviews; these fins are positively buoyant so they can’t be used for deep diving, but they’re perfect for snorkeling. Click here to buy from 

Atomic Aquatics Split Fins:

Although these fins are a bit pricey, they’re excellent quality. The split-fin design causes the fin to fan out when you kick; giving an extra push to a small kick. Click here to purchase these fins.

Mares Wave FF Full Foot Dive Fins:

These fins are ideal for lightweight SCUBA diving and snorkeling, and perfect for tropical conditions. They’re cheap and great for travel too. Click to purchase them.Cressi Reaction Pro, black, 44/45

Cressi Reaction Pro:

This thick fin is “powerful enough for scuba diving and comfortable enough for long days snorkeling,” Check out the latest price here.

Any equipment from here on is to be purchased by serious divers, because accumulating all of this is a serious investment. If you have taken this into consideration and would like to purchase all of your own equipment, you should really test it out and thoroughly research it for yourself to find what is most comfortable for you. Thank you so much for reading this and have fun diving!


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