I Visited The Georgia Aquarium!

This week I’ll be sharing another one of my incredible animal experiences-visiting the Georgia Aquarium! I went for my birthday, and this experience was easily one of the best presents I’ve ever received! I also appreciated the fact that many of the animals there were only in captivity because they were not fit to be released into the wild, and not merely there for our enjoyment. I’m still saddened that they couldn’t be released into the wild, but I was impressed with some of the enclosures and I believe the aquarium replicated the animals’ natural environments to the best of their ability.

I particularly loved watching each of their guest programs. I actually enjoyed the dolphin show so much that I watched it twice! With each show, the speakers stressed the importance of living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and I’m so glad they use their influence on the public to better our planet. Unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed during the dolphin show but I was able to get pictures of many other fantastic creatures:

Sea dragons:


These guys are seriously the cutest, and they’re masters of camouflage too!



These mini jellies are entertaining as they squish around! A group of jellyfish is actually called a swarm or smack.

An octopus:


Fun fact- each of their legs has its own brain and personality! Some legs are shy and some are feisty.



Believe it or not, piranhas don’t usually eat people. However, if you have a cut or injury, they might try to take a bite!

Whale sharks:


A little-known fact about whale sharks is that they have 3,000 tiny teeth! They don’t use them to eat, though.

Manta rays:


These cousins of the sharks are so graceful in the water, and they love doing backflips! I managed to catch a picture of this one tumbling in the water, but to really appreciate these beautiful creatures you should see them in person.

The aquarium also had a neat tube that you can walk through or ride a conveyer belt thing in. It’s such an awe-inspiring perspective and you really feel like you’re cruising along the sea floor. Unfortunately, the lighting isn’t that great for pictures, but I think I still managed to capture the perspective here:


I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the undersea world as much as I did, and thank you so much for reading! Please like this post and comment what your favorite marine animal is!

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