My Favorite Documentaries

When I did my series on the ocean (click here to check it out), I mentioned that I would be making a part two of my favorite documentaries, so here it is! As anyone who knows me has figured out, I’m a pretty big nerd. One of my favorite pastimes is watching documentaries, so if you enjoy them too check out these ones that I’ve watched recently!

  • The Round Planet

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Ok, so I wasn’t planning on writing much about each show (I had something kinda last minute and didn’t have time to write this post) but I have to explain this one a little. The commentary is witty and hilarious, so this series is great for kids (or adults) with short attention spans.

  • Mission blue

Image result for mission blue

This movie is about one of my role models, marine biologist and environmentalist Sylvia Earle. This documentary displays her mission: “Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean.”

  • Animals With Cameras

Image result for animals with cameras

This series follows the work of cameraman Gordon Buchanan in his endeavors to attach cameras to various animals . This show reveals a never-before seen perspective, and I highly recommend it.

  • Chasing Coral

Image result for chasing coral

A team of divers undertakes a mission to figure out why our coral reefs are disappearing.

  • Shark

Image result for sharks netflix documentary

These feared predators come in all shapes and sizes, and in all areas of the world! Watch this series to discover how fascinating sharks really are.

  • South Pacific

Image result for south pacific documentary

Normally I watch documentaries about animals, but this series also focuses on the indigenous peoples of islands all over the South Pacific. It’s a fascinating show and I highly recommend it.

  • Swimming With Killer Whales

Image result for swimming with killer whales documentary netflix

This documentary shows Dr. Ingid Vissier in action. She has committed her life to the study of killer whales, especially how they’re affected by pollution, and her documentary is a must-see!

Thank you so much for reading! I love learning and watching documentaries is a wonderful way to learn, so be sure to check these out!


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