Why I Hunt

Whenever I go out to deer hunt with my grandpa, people ask how I could love animals so much and yet kill them too. Well, here’s why:

  • For one, due to habitat loss there is less food to go around for the animals. If deer populations weren’t kept in check, things would get to the point where there wouldn’t be enough food to go around. So, hunting actually increases the quality of life that the deer have.
  •  I personally would much rather the deer experience quick deaths than become roadkill.
  • Deer meat is super healthy!
  • It helps habitat conservation. According to Keith Wood, “Hunting license fees and excise taxes on firearms and ammunition fund millions or acres of habitat preservation and improvement. Each year, sportsmen contribute $7.5 million per day toward conservation.”
  • I love the outdoors, and sitting in a tree stand for 5 hours is great way to get some fresh air! It also gives me some time to think and clear my head.

Of course, I’ve heard many arguments against hunting, so while I’m on the topic I’ll do my best to dispute some of them.

  • “Animals don’t always die right after they’re shot, so they die slow, painful deaths.” Well, while it is true that sometimes they don’t die immediately, a death from a bullet wound is generally much quicker than death from being run over. It is never a hunter’s intention to only injure the animal, or to hit it in an area that would cause a slow death, but accidents do happen. However, as previously stated, we can’t just stop hunting or the populations would increase and there would be less food for them. With the population increase, there would be even more deer killed by cars, which puts people at risk too.
  • “There are lots of hunting accidents- dogs, horses, cows, and even other hunters are sometimes shot! Hunting is dangerous!” Actually, according to data collected by the NSSF, hunting is the 3rd safest sport when compared to 28 other popular sports. Hunters have to pass a hunters’ safety course before getting a license, and wear orange when going out to avoid being mistaken for a deer. As with any sport, there are dangers. Accidents do happen, but if the hunter is responsible and takes the necessary precautions then most likely nothing will go wrong.
  • “Hunting has led to the species going extinct.” Yes, that is very true. That’s why the deer population is closely monitored and hunters call in each kill they make. The deer populations are thriving, don’t worry!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading! If you’d like to read more, follow my blog and subscribe to receive an email every time I post.


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