Why I Care

When you ask most teens what they’re interested in, generally ecotoxicology and conservation aren’t the first things you hear. Sure, I may just be a nerd that loves learning and fixing problems. But why do I care this much?

As a kid (I mean, I’m still a kid but you get the picture) my love for animals began. I got my first fish of my own when I was 10, and I was hooked. (Get the pun?) My nerdy side grew as I researched each animal I wanted to have as a pet, and eventually I branched out to wildlife too. I acquired knowledge about pollution, coral bleaching, and related subjects. The more I learned, the more driven I was to do something to change this sad reality.

I currently work with a landscaping company, and half the job is picking up litter. I’m on the front lines of the pollution problem, but most people don’t realize just how much junk is thrown out. That’s why I write about this so much- because I see just how much of a problem litter and pollution already are and are becoming.

The more I read about and see all the things that people are doing that harms innocent creatures, the more determined I am to help end it. Most people don’t even realize the effects of their carelessness, so in this series I’ll go over everything: what people do that causes pollution, what’s being done to stop it and examples of this being successfully implemented, what we can do to save the world, and related topics. I’m super excited to share my research and ideas, and I hope you enjoy this series!

2 thoughts on “Why I Care

  1. I totally agree with you about littering. In my studies of American history and the frontier ca., 1770’s When the new wave of people moved into the wilderness frontier areas of America some of the people would simply toss dead animals, trash, and other items of no more use on the beautiful trails that were first found in America. The Native Americans were very careful and good stewards of the forest and the streams etc. I think that people do not realize that this is an eyesore in America but it only speaks of their character and sometimes that is not who the rest of us are.

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    1. Very well said! I definitely agree that the way people treat the environment around them reflects their character, which is why I always try to leave things better than I found them. So glad to hear from a kindred spirit like you!


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