My Ideas on How to Stop Pollution

I hope you guys are enjoying my series so far; feel free to leave a like if you are! While this post is more aimed towards a corporate level of change, there are still plenty of things people can do without having a high position. If you’d like to learn about what you can do to help fight against pollution (for free!) visit my website next week for a post on that. Without further ado, here are my ideas on how to stop pollution!

As I said in my last post, LITTER IS EXPENSIVE! So much money is spent both paying people to pick it up and trying to reverse the effects of litter. (If you’d like to learn more about why you shouldn’t litter, click on my post from last week.) So instead of spending so much trying to eliminate the effect, the problem will only be permanently solved if we focus more on the cause. This may mean stricter regulations and laws against littering, or investing in finding inexpensive biodegradable alternatives to things like plastic and styrofoam and requiring they be used instead. According to CWA, 49% of litter comes from fast food restaurants, so changes should be implemented there. This could mean simple things like not providing straws unless they’re asked for, or more drastic restrictions on packaging products. Laws could be passed to require that only biodegradable “to go” packaging products are allowed, or encouraging people to bring their own cups and dinnerware to restaurants. I’ve even heard of beachfront restaurants exchanging a cup of coffee for a bucket of collected litter, and it would be great if this could be passed on. In fact, it would be great if ALL of these things were done!

Image 3-30-19 at 9.07 PM.jpg

Another thing that would help stop the pollution problem for good is integrating it into our school systems. Schools could add a conservation class as an elective or teach about their environmental footprint on holidays like earth day. By using resources like virtual reality and documentaries to show young people the wonder in nature, we motivate them to preserve it. As a teenager, I speak from experience. The world’s teens and kids are the future, and if we can get them to care, then the earth has a future too.  Visit to see how they’re putting this idea into action.

“In my mind, all kids are born scientists, they’re born adventurers, they want to explore. If we can get the kids to hold onto that curiosity, then our planet would be a much better place.” – Zack Rago

On a bigger scale, economies could begin monetizing recycling. Some countries, like Germany and Haiti, have already done this. Click here to learn about Haiti’s “plastic bank” and here to check out the genius of Germany’s plastic bottle recycling system.

Thanks so much for reading! Come back next week to learn how kids and ordinary people can help stop pollution. If you’d like to hear more from me, sign up to receive emails every time I post.


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