Another Blog You Might Like

Today I’d like to commend my sister Callie and her blog, She is such an amazing woman of God and avid reader, and those qualities are reflected in her blog. The tagline of her website is “My Ramblings on Life, Literature, and Faith,” so I’ll give you  a brief insight into each section.

Her faith section consists of things she hears from God, sermon notes, book reviews on Christian books, etc.  If you’d like to check out her sermon notes, click here. To see a word she received from God click here, and to read a book review click here.

The literature aspect of her blog is composed of book reviews, mostly romance fiction. Lastly, the life section is about a wide array of things. Every month she writes about her favorite things of that month- music, sermons, books, and random things. To see a sample of this, check out her June Favorites. She also occasionally gives updates on major things going on in her life, like the recent missions trip to Peru.

I’m so proud of my sister and all the time she has invested into her blog. She puts a lot of effort into writing quality content with each post, and if you have an interest in life, literature, faith or even just supporting talented young writers, I highly recommend you follow her blog. Thank you for reading this and come back next week for your usual animal-related content.

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