How Can We Unite?

I find it interesting and wonderful that people from many walks of life all over America can unite over sports. With the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, fans of the same team hug each other joyously, even if they’re strangers! Likewise, 49ers fans can join together over the sting of loss. If so … More How Can We Unite?

Australian Bushfires: What’s Happening and how can you Help?

Welcome to my website! Unfortunately, today’s animal-related topic is anything but cheery. Currently fires are raging across a large portion of Australia, harming the people and wildlife currently there. Smoke is draping the “land down under” in an apocalyptic fog, forcing locals to wear masks on their way to work. According to the associated press, … More Australian Bushfires: What’s Happening and how can you Help?

The Truth About Sharks

I recently watched the new sequel to the movie 47 Meters Down, and I noticed the extreme misrepresentation of sharks. Unfortunately, sharks are usually depicted as savage and bloodthirsty monsters that kill anything in their path, while nothing could be further from the truth! Before I get into today’s post, I would like to note that I … More The Truth About Sharks