Freaky Fauna- Part 3

Welcome back to my series on the world’s strangest creatures! If you missed the last two weeks, you can click here for the first week and here for last week’s post. This time we’re discussing the weirdest birds in creation, so without further ado, let’s get to it! The hoatzin. The hoatzin is a strange bird in that it … More Freaky Fauna- Part 3

Why You Should NEVER Release Pets into the Wild

Welcome to my blog! I’m back from being sick and ready to write! Today’s topic isn’t discussed very often, but is still extremely important. Many pet owners aren’t sure what to do with their animals when they can no longer care for them, so they often don’t behave responsibly because of their naiveté. I make it … More Why You Should NEVER Release Pets into the Wild

The Story of my Birds

You’re probably tired of hearing about parakeets by now, but too bad for you because I still have a few posts left to go in this series! I began this bird-themed set of posts because one of my parakeets, Captain America, passed away. If you’re interested in the previous posts of this series, click here to see … More The Story of my Birds