The Best Movies for Animal Lovers (Part 3!)

Welcome to the third and final post of this series! I hope everyone is staying safe from COVID-19 and holding out until quarantine is over. If you’re looking for entertainment and you missed the first two posts in this series, you can check them out here and here. Without further ado, here are some more movies for animal lovers! … More The Best Movies for Animal Lovers (Part 3!)

Why You Should NEVER Release Pets into the Wild

Welcome to my blog! I’m back from being sick and ready to write! Today’s topic isn’t discussed very often, but is still extremely important. Many pet owners aren’t sure what to do with their animals when they can no longer care for them, so they often don’t behave responsibly because of their naiveté. I make it … More Why You Should NEVER Release Pets into the Wild

Conservation Organizations You Should Support

This week I’ll take a break from my SCUBA series to promote a few organizations. If you’re interested in participating in Giving Tuesday, this post is perfect for you! -Cornell Lab of Ornithology The Cornell Lab is dedicated to preserving birds and other wildlife. They are committed to learning about the animals we share this … More Conservation Organizations You Should Support

22 Great Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Giant Schnauzer         This breed is perfect for a watchdog and has minimal shedding. 2. Bichon Frise These dogs are very sweet if trained properly and make extraordinary lap dogs. 3. Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) These little guys are known for having a genial personality and and very small. 4. Bedlington terrier Via These pooches resemble … More 22 Great Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds