Actually Useful Things to do With Plastic Straws

In last week’s post, I wrote about the downsides to plastic straws. Hopefully now you’ve realized why they’re terrible for the environment and decided not to use them anymore, but what do you do with the plastic straws you still have? As I mentioned last week, straws are usually too small to be recycled since … More Actually Useful Things to do With Plastic Straws

DIY Wood Planter

Welcome to my website! Today I’ll share my process for making an adorable pot for your plants. This design is perfect for animal enclosures to maintain a natural look for your pet’s environment, or just as a decorative container to match your room’s aesthetic. I have immensely enjoyed this little planter, and I know you … More DIY Wood Planter

How to Save the Planet- For FREE! (Part 2)

If you missed last week’s post/the beginning of this series, be sure to check it out here. Today we’ll be exploring more ways to help the earth- with no downsides for your bank account! Before we get into this week’s post, if you’re interested in checking out my YouTube channel, A Life of Hope, click this link. Now without … More How to Save the Planet- For FREE! (Part 2)

DIY Bird Houses

Welcome back to part three of this series! Now that you know how to attract birds, it’s time to keep them in your yard. Please like this post if you like these ideas. 1. Laundry detergent bird houses: I know pretty much everyone made these as a kid, but hey sometimes they work! These super … More DIY Bird Houses