Weird Animals: Part Two

Welcome to part two of my series! I’m writing this to spread awareness on the wonderful creatures in creation that are endangered, and I hope this knowledge will inspire others to appreciate nature and want to save it. I love wildlife and this is how I protect it. If you want to help me make a difference please share this post with your friends or give me a shout out on social media! This isn’t about me, this is about protecting our world and giving a voice to the living things that cannot speak for themselves. I hope you’re enjoying this series so far!

African penguins:

Jackass Penguin

This first animal doesn’t look very strange, but they definitely have a unique nickname! Cape penguins, also known as jackass penguins, make you wonder what happened for them to deserve such a name. They’re in danger due to loss of nesting sites, oil spills, and food loss due to overfishing. (To learn more about overfishing, click on my previous post here) These birds are the only penguins found on the African continent, and they’re vital to their ecosystem for a number of reasons. They provide guano (the droppings of seabirds used as fertilizer), they benefit people because they’re sources of ecotourism, and they’re the natural predators of small schooling fish. Click to learn what you can do to help.


Amphibian Archives - GEE Research UCL GEE Research

Don’f forget that corals are animals too! Corals are SOO incredibly vital to the oceans and the earth! They are the building blocks of underwater ecosystems, providing refuge for fish to breed and live, as well as sheltering other vastly diverse creatures. Corals protect the coastal areas from hurricanes and harsh sea storms, and provide humans with many pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, they are incredible sensitive creatures and are deeply affected by the inconsiderateness of people. Boats often damage reefs and are a threat to them, and even the slightest temperature change can cause them to bleach. (If you don’t know what coral bleaching is, click on my post on the subject) Click here to learn what’s being done to protect these valuable animals, and here to find out what you can do.

Horned lizard:

PALAEOBLOG: Horned Lizard Blood Squirting Video

If you didn’t think the last two animals were that weird, you’re in for a treat here! Not only do these incredible creatures look like tiny wingless dragons, they also have some crazy defense mechanisms! They usually puff themselves up and make themselves hard to swallow, but as a last resort these guys can actually squirt blood out of the corners of their eyes! They aim for the predator’s eyes and are surprisingly accurate. These fat little lizards are endangered due to habitat loss and over harvesting for the pet trade. As cool as it would be to have one of these little guys as a pet, it’s much better to let them live their lives in the wild as they were meant to. They are protected in some states and considered a threatened species. If you want to learn more about how to protect this unique species, click here.

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